About Us

  Minami Inc. Is a family owned and operated business based in Toronto, Canada. The company started its course with Importing Packaged and processed food products into Canada and after discovering the conservative food business industry in Canada, MINAMI has managed through innovation and perseverance to position itself among the best import export, Packaging and the distribution of ethnic products. We have a very diversified clientele ranging from warehouse stores to convenience stores to ethnic stores, natural food products stores and restaurants, food processing companies, independent distributors. MINAMI has the added attractiveness of being a local Toronto company with significant advantages that allow it to benefit from growing consumer demand for healthy and convenience foods to serve many community needs. In addition, MINAMI exports pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and broad range of beans, in bulk produced in Canada. By understanding Agriculture Canada, and working with farmers and some growers, we have been able to promote and sell our Canadian grown produce in the main stream market at different parts of the world such as: South Africa, Iran, Dubai and Turkey.

  Minami Group offers a wide range of pre-package consumable products available at grocery retailers, bulk food stores, cash n' carry and ethnic stores. Our product mix is made up of Dry Grocery, Pulses, Jams, Rice and All kinds of pickled products. We are among the leading food Importers and distributers in the Middle Eastern community in Canada and with our state of the art Packaging facility, we are leading the dried Grocery food product sector in our territory. Our products are chosen and hand-picked from the best sources all around the world with very close attention to quality and we pride ourselves on using only the finest and freshest ingredients, allowing us to concentrate on the premium end of the markets we supply.

  Our Mission is to provide the very best customer service and satisfaction to our Clients. We stand behind our products and guarantee the best quality and value in our competitive market.